Noise and nuisance


A nuisance may be anything that can adversely affect a person or their enjoyment of their home or premises. Noise is one of the most common forms of nuisance. It is defined as unwanted sound that, when noise reaches certain levels and intensities, can be annoying and adversely impact people's mental or physical health. Local authorities are responsible for controlling and dealing with complaints about noise. The majority of legislation and guidance regarding noise pollution is issued by the UK government.

You can click on the headings below for an overview of UK policy across the four nations, and where to go for further information.


Law and policy


Below are links to some of the current key policy documents, which include references to the relevant law.

How councils deal with noise 
Policy statement for England

Northern Ireland
DAERA NI noise policies

Scotland noise policy & information

Noise policy and information
Wales noise and  soundscape action plan

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