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Local authority building control services (LABC)

Each local authority building control section has a duty to ensure that building works comply with building regulations, except those that fall under the remit of an approved inspector. They operate under an umbrella organisation known as the Local Authority Building Control which runs an online service for creating and submitting building application. You can apply online to your local building control service using the service.

If you are applying for building approval through the local authority building control services, you may be required to submit a full plans application or give a building notice, depending on the scale of the work.

Full Plans Application
Your full plans application should contain plans and relevant construction details about the proposed building work. The procedure takes about five weeks or subject to your consent, two months from the date of deposit. If your plans comply with the building regulations, you will be provided with a notice stating that they have been approved. If the building control section is not satisfied with your application, they may require you to amend your application or provide more details to help them reach a satisfactory decision. Conversely, a conditional approval may be issued which may require you to deposit further plans to the authority before proceeding with the building work. A full plans approval notice is valid for three years from the date of deposit of the plans. You will need to start building work within this period or the approval may lapse.
Building Notice
This does not require the submission of detailed full plans and normally applies to minor building work. After you have given your building notice and have informed the building control section of your intention to start work, the work will be inspected as it progresses. The building control section will let you know if the work complies with the standards in the building regulations. Subject to the need to satisfy energy conservation requirements, a building notice is valid for three (3) years from the date the notice was given and will lapse if no building work is carried out within this period.

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