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Planning Permission

Video on how to obtain planning permission

You can see a short video on how to obtain planning permission on our YouTube channel. There is also a video on how to object to planning proposals

The current plan led system in England and Wales sets out conditions for development and use of land. New developments and major changes to existing buildings or the environment require planning permission. Some minor developments do not require planning permission as they would have little or no impact on the local environment. These developments are known as permitted development.

Visit the Planning Portal for further guidance on the types of home extensions that fall under permitted development. It is advisable to contact your local planning authority, if you are unsure on whether your home development counts as permitted development. Don't forget that you may require Building Regulations approval for permitted home developments.

Your local planning authority is responsible for granting local planning permission. It is normally helpful to informally discuss your development plans with a local planning officer, before moving to the formal application process. These preliminary discussions are free of charge for domestic works and help to establish if planning permission is required and how it can be obtained.

If you have to proceed with the formal planning application process, your local planning authority will supply you with an application form (1APP) and guidance information on how to make the application and the supporting documents required for the application.

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